The New Normal

thumbs up

thumbs up

Six weeks have passed since I lost the fight with the triffid and finally the time came to cast off, so to speak, and so three days ago the orthopaedic nurse directed me to the plaster room.

Looking down at my newly exposed wrist I felt as though I was looking at my life through the wrong end of a telescope, suddenly normality seemed so very far away.

However in hospital I had very little time to reflect as I went from the plaster room to x-ray, from there back to the surgeons clinic and finally to the physiotherapy department.

But it doesn’t take a palm reader to see that it’s going to be a long painful summer…


The angle of my hand contrasted against the straight edge of a wall when I ‘straighten’ my arm.

However having had a few days to reflect on my situation I have come to the realisation that this is my new normal and already I can curl my fingers into an approximation of a lopsided fist of defiance…


lopsided fist

Well it’s a start.

{apologies for the poor quality of the pictures}


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