Dreams Are the Seeds of Change*

May your life be like a wildflower, growing freely in the beauty and joy of each day.

Native American blessing


When mother retired she downsized from a three bedroom house to a one bedroom apartment and clearly couldn’t take everything with her. However deciding what to take wasn’t always easy so whenever she wanted to postpone the inevitable she would say ‘that can go in the hall cupboard’. Eventually I had to point out that it was only a cupboard, a large cupboard granted but a cupboard nevertheless, not a Tardis!

In my daydreams I find myself guilty of the same line of thought. I dream off having a cottage garden, a kitchen garden, an orchard and a wildflower meadow all within the crumbly old stone walls of the Secret Garden. Oh and did I mention the potting shed? Or the arbour? And oh wouldn’t a stream be lovely!

Like mothers hall cupboard the Secret Garden is large but the walls would need to defy the laws of physics to contain everything I want. And yet I remain resolute, I will find a way to squeeze everything in although clearly compromise will be called for.

The cottage garden might have to be limited to the site of the triffid patch and the kitchen garden may never amount to more than a few pots in the courtyard. As for the wildflower meadow and orchard I hope to combine them by planting wildflowers amongst the fruit trees to create a small meadow orchard.


My dreams like the wildflowers grow freely and in my dreams everything fits beautifully and the dream starts here…


*Debby Boone


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