Courtyard Chaos

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

Wayne Dyer

With selected plants in carefully placed pots, an arrangement of garden furniture not to mention a small chimnea and a string of bunting the courtyard was beginning to look rather nice. In the actual garden part of the courtyard a few plants were starting to come to life and all appeared to be under control. But you know how deceptive appearances can be!



After the wonderful weather over the Easter weekend we had a week of April showers and suddenly the Secret Garden exploded into life. With weeds choking the few plants in the courtyard I began to feel slightly overwhelmed by the sheer size of the task and momentarily slipped out of the moment allowing my imagination to conjure up all manner of worst case scenarios. As {in my fevered imagination} the trees turned into triffids I decided it was time for an emergency cuppa. Time to sit down at the garden table and do nothing more than drink tea and just be. With my attention back in the present I felt much less daunted as I realised {to paraphrase Eric Morcombe} that I have all the right plants but not necessarily in the right order.



The plants that adorn the courtyard garden ought to be further up, under the trees. They are woodland plants and look out of place in the courtyard but transplanted have the potential to enhance the garden. With that in mind I decided to start at the very beginning {a very good place to start}  clearing the courtyard garden completely, removing or replanting everything in it, replacing them with my own planting design.

seed catalogue


Finishing my tea I tackled the task with renewed enthusiasm {and a little ‘help’ from Hort Hound} not because the garden had changed but because I had changed the way I looked at it and it was once more filled with possibilities not problems.

hort hound




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