Once Upon a Time

I’m afraid that I may have given a false impression of prettiness as I waxed lyrical about dog proofing the Secret Garden in the post ‘A Gardener’s Tail’. Oh it’s not that the garden isn’t pretty. It is very pretty. Indeed it’s a true fairytale garden.


The waiting of winter is nearly over as I finally find out what has been lurking beneath the soil here in the Secret Garden. A more impatient gardener would perhaps have cleared the garden by now and laid it to lawn. One that is mown into stripes. I am not that gardener.


But whilst it’s true that The Secret Garden is a fairytale garden it is in the manner of Grimm rather than Disney. Vivid thorns that could easily enchant a princess for 100 years are highlighted against the crumbling brick and stone of the walls.



Brambles curl around unidentified spiky things on a carpet of fresh young nettles. And there are tangles.


Lots of tangles.

more tangles

But even tangles can be pretty when adorned with gold and green.

tangle topper




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