A Gardener’s Tail

A pot of newly planted geraniums {in one of my favourite pots} promise to add a splash of colour to my favourite corner of the courtyard but more importantly they protect a barrel of purple sage from Hugo. In my last garden I had a massive sage plant which had survived many harsh Scottish winters but proved powerless against the attentions of a Springer Spaniel puppy.



Hugo is an enthusiastic gardener and loves digging but rarely digs in the right places.


At the allotment he had to be kept tethered on a long lead next to the shed where he could sit and watch and if it happened to come on rain we would take shelter in the shed and enjoy a cup of tea.



But I never liked keeping him tied up, a garden is the perfect playground for a rowdy boy and so some other means of protecting the plants in the Secret Garden had to be found. Hence he is the reason the rosemary is kept on top of the potting table


And the reason I put my treasured vintage bird-cage over the crocosmia



And do you know what, I think that the challenge of dog proofing the garden has made it even prettier. Funny how life works out sometimes isn’t it.




4 thoughts on “A Gardener’s Tail

  1. He’s such a cute rascal, but I agree, your innovative puppy proofing measures add a delightful detail to the garden!

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