The Chair of Quiet Contemplation


  • deep reflective thought
  • the state of being considered or planned
  • meditation
  • a form of meditation in which a person seeks to pass beyond mental images and concepts to a direct experience of the divine.

The most important item of gardening equipment is the garden chair. Before any plants can be planted many hours must be spent in quiet contemplation.
After planting many more hours must be spent in awe and admiration. In between contemplation and admiration yet more hours still must be spent reading…or eating…or entertaining.
tah dah
Oh yes the garden chair is the most important item of equipment therefore it is essential that this is the first matter to be addressed when developing a garden. 
The chair itself need not be new and needn’t even be a chair. A bench works just as well and a swing is simply divine.
‘French doors lead onto patio area’ said the estate agent. Patio?
Estate agents clearly have a different definition of ‘patio’ but shabby chic works for me and I can work with the old foundations of outbuildings that form the ‘patio area’.
Simply add summer, cushions and a good book for the perfect day…or autumn, cosy blankets, logs and marshmallows for a lovely evening.

2 thoughts on “The Chair of Quiet Contemplation

  1. What a cozy little garden corner! I love the brick and stone walls and the very cute furniture. Great updates! Thank you for sharing your secrets to the perfect garden! Now I just need to find some good furniture for reflection 🙂

    • Thanks Courtney, the brick part of the wall that encloses the courtyard is the newer part of the wall. The stone wall that surrounds the rest of the garden is listed, protected by law, as it’s so old.

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